Our Concept

Fashion Lab. & Design is an Italoamerican fashion house that designs and sells italian fashion, our brands, NON STOP WOMANNAT COLLEZIONIZOE MUSSISOLISTICIEART COUTURE were created and designed as Conceptual Brands that means we have a different and special offer for every type of woman or market focused on the key elements of fashion, fast fashion, design and affordable prices.

Every brand and every piece of our collections tells a different story, that comes from Italy and are built by a special team -Designers, Storytellers, Media and Digital experts- in this way we brought our customers closer than ever to the products they want and aspire.

Our fashion and design laboratories located in Italy and USA, in this way we can bring to our customers the best of the world -Trends, concepts, fashion, models, researches and movements.



  • Appellation of origin (Italian Fashion)
  • Design
  • Affordable prices
  • Fast Fashion
  • Exclusiveness